EZ6 Direction Finding Radio Receiver

Country of origin: Germany

Associated equipment: FUG10 series

It was used for navigation/direction finding purposes in large aircrafts. It was common for EZ6 to be combined with the FUG10.

There are 3 frequency bands:150-300Kc, 300-600Kc and 600-1200Kc.

  • Upper left knob: A2 is AM, Eich is calibrating the frequency, A1 is BFO is used by navigating, Bandbreite is making the MF smaller.
  • Upper right knob: Entrubing is cleaning the signal from “humm etc.”
  • Middle knob: tuning the frequency.
  • Lower left knob: gain controll.
  • Lower right knob: arrow is navigating by a double needle instrument type AFN2. Circle is “Rund Empfang, frequency band 300 -600 Kc. Communication purpose as a replacement band for the E10L.
  • Lower middle: connection for headphones (left) and test entrance for test meter PV10 for measuring the internal voltages.
  • Small upper right panel: Behind the trim pot for calibrating the frequency scale.