Within our collection, we have an extensive archive of copies and originals of historically significant radio technology documents. These cover the evolution of radio and the vital role it played during World War II advances, as well as documents relating to landmark technological innovations.

We will be constantly be adding links to new documents on this page, so be sure to keep checking back for a wealth of fascinating content about radio technology.

Our fascinating document archive includes:

  • Training documents issued to UK, American and German technicians, pilots and radio operators
  • Original photographs of V2 Rockets being taken by train to launch sites
  • Complete instruction manuals for the concealment of V-weapons
  • Original navigation reports on raids into Europe
  • Classified German secret police documents detailing how to track clandestine transmitters being used by allied agents
  • Letters confirming how and when transatlantic scrambled telephone calls were intercepted, decoded and translated by German codebreakers
  • German reports on the D-Day landing as the news started coming through via radio
  • Volumes of propaganda literature, dropped over occupied Europe by the allies
  • Letters from circa 1945 relating to the Enigma codebreaking operations
  • Data sheets for specific pieces of radio technology from throughout the decades
  • Photograph libraries of radio and radar equipment
  • Documents on every aspect of electronic warfare

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Our document library is an invaluable source of information for fellow enthusiasts and anyone conducting research in this field of history.

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